Next, she will mix them up! Then, you cannot miss this game! [1] The game uses pictures and symbols to communicate rather than words. - Dress-Up: Help Dora mix and match fun outfits by combining costumes from her best adventures! If you manage to win, you'll get plenty of tickets. The free online games featuring Dora follow the same track and help little gamers make their first steps in our complex world. Have a ton of fun with Dora's Carnival Adventure game! And last but not least, there is the Slippery Slide Race! Do you enjoy cute adventures and obstacle courses? As the character has been watched by so many children around the world, the Dora character has become iconic as a game character for educational games. Unfortunately, La Casa de Dora is not You get to pick up boots from a machine by using a mechanical claw. Baby Dora: Swipers Forest Adventure. The game functions as an interactive story, so every time you do something, Dora's tale will progress and eventually reach a happy end! . Dora Snowboard. Miley Cyrus Dress Up. Action & Adventure 3,569 games; Sports 887 games; Shooting 1,779 games; Fighting 287 games; Skill 6,082 games; Arcade & Classic 5,940 games; Fun & Crazy 717 games; . But don't worry! Stop being sad! of Dora's World Adventure is an adventure game that features the bright and colourful character Dora the Explorer. Have you noticed that some activities have two versions? At first you'll have to watch the movie in which Dora and her monkey friend, are going to choose their . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dora the Explorer - Fairytale Adventure - PC CD-ROM Childrens Games at the best online prices at eBay! Discover secrets in every room! The show is available is many countries globally. You can match everything and give it a theme, like dressing her up as a cat or giving her a space suit! Famous Cartoon Characters. Can you take down all ten sets of pins? Find the perfect outfit for the young Latina's next adventure in the Dora's Adventure Dress Up game! Baby Dora Hand Doctor. We suggest you click on everything! In Spanish countries, the opposite, Spanish first and English second. Become Dora's companion as she explores space and helps the aliens reach home! Doras special friend Backpack is loaded with anything Dora could possibly need, including fellow friend Map! Navigate through Dora's journal and play through the various adventures she goes through before arriving on the Purple Planet. You can do many fun and helpful things throughout your adventure in space! Why? Don't miss out on the La Casa de Dora game if you have ever wondered where Dora lives! All the activities are easy and fun to play! Where's Swiper Crocodile Lake Dora Puzzle Bridge Dora's Meet My Friends Little Star's Wish Tico's Acorn Game Dot to Dot Casa de Dora: New Adventures your device. available on Dora will tell you the name of the game. Welcome, dear friends! Navigate the carnival map, then hover over each of the stalls! play the original version with. Please try one She is always ready to help a friend, overcome a challenge, or save the day. To find out if you have an eager eye, you can continue with the Basket game! Bratz Ice Champions. If you are a fan of Pac-Man, then you'll love this challenge. Therefore, you'll get to practice a new language with Dora! play the original version with. All Top Free Online Games tagged Dora (4) Sort by: Find 7 Differences Dora HTML5 68% 89,630 plays Cute Girl Diamond Hunt HTML5 94% Click on the arrows to turn the pages of Dora's storybook and follow the instructions when you reach the minigames! Another character that pops up from time to time in her adventures, and who has even gotten his own spin-off show is Diego, who is focused more on saving animals and protecting the environment, which he encourages all his young viewers to do as well in. As weve mentioned quite a few times already, the possibilities are endless when you are on this page, as these games offer you the chance to explore the jungle, go underwater and become a mermaid, be creative by creating your own music, or drawing, you can hunt for diamonds, you can learn how to cook, bake, and what awesome instruments can be found in the kitchen, or even do more dangerous things such as racing cars, learning how to park them afterward, and whatever you do, you should dress up Dora to be fashionable in all her activities! take care of Dora's burns that were not too good. Dora has a lot of different clothing items. Dress Up Minnie. The object of the game is to capture one of the six explorer stars. Dora and Friends: Into the City! category. Your treasure chest will fill up with coloring pages, toys, and posters. This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. Spend them in the store to earn coloring pages and treasures for your chest! He also loves to run, jump, climb, swing from his tail, do amazing triple-back flips, and learn a little Spanish from Dora. Of course, her biggest friend and help is YOU! You'll even meet Swiper the Fox, so pay attention to any of his cunning tricks! Besides the main games, you'll find many interesting objects in each room. Dora's Mega Memory. Cinderella Dress Up. As much as Dora and Boots want to help the little alien gang, they also want to help you learn Spanish! Dora will be just as happy with the result! Avoid Swiper and his remote-controlled Robot Butterflies! Baby Dora Perfect Cupcake Swirl. Playful, giggly, and happy, Boots loves making Dora laugh. The friends of Dora's tiny pup got trapped inside a four-lock cage! If you manage to win, you'll get plenty of tickets. This adventure is not going to be just swimming, because dear kids in order for Dora to be the best mermaid and start gaining a lot of points, you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to collect as many starfish and pink gems as possible while you are underwater. If you enjoyed watching this video, please leave a like and subscribe! Well, its already become sort of like a meme, but Dora is a character that asks audiences what to do next, or how to solve a problem, encouraging the children watching her think about the situation and come up with a solution themselves, so it makes the kids watching her think. The main element is the communication between the characters and Dora. Dora and the Lost City of Gold: Jungle Match, Nickelodeon: Festive Coloring Book, Part 2, Blaze and the Monster Machines: Robot Builder. Suppose the protagonist eats one of the battery power-ups. Make sure you aim straight towards their mouth. Dora the Explorer became a regular series in 2000. If you're a fan of story-driven games, you cannot miss this one! play hundreds of games like these. If you've watched the original Dora series, the concept employed by the game is very similar. Don't forget to visit the store to spend all your hard-earned tickets! It's a parent's gift, so she carries it everywhere she goes! your device. When all the locks have their keys, Perrito's furry friends will be free, and you can feed them the bones you've gathered! Check your local listing. Try it out! Download Dora The Explorer: Backpack Adventure. Enjoy a day filled with fun activities that will help you learn Spanish, music, and many more skills! You can discover 5 activities and many other surprises. Dora is a Latina girl with short hair, a pink top, orange trousers, and a trusty purple backpack full of useful stuff on her back, who goes on adventures with her pink monkey friend called Boots, her best friend. Play the Dora's Adventure Dress Up game and choose a fabulous outfit for the young girl! Popular New Choose subcategory Dora's House: New Adventures Dora and the Lost City of Gold: Jungle Match Nickelodeon: Festive Coloring Book, Part 2 1 - Plant Vegetables and Flowers: Learn about gardening first-hand by growing flowers and vegetables from seed! Nick Jr. and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Dora is an adventurous, bilingual explorer who lives in a lush, magical rainforest. Start by trying Roberto's Bubble game! For example, Dasha the Pathfinder (Russia), Dora explores the world (Poland), Explore-loving Dora (China). was a spin-off show that premiered in 2013 that saw an older Dora at the forefront, with her being ten years old, moving away from the jungle and having instead adventures in a big city together with a new cast of friends which are called the Explorer Girls, each with their own zany personalities and traits, as well as a boy pal called Pablo. Dora Happy Easter Spot. Dora Games - play 158 online games for free! If you want to try your luck, give the Color Wheel a try! The happy barks of the free puppies will be worth it! Total votes: 417. Play fullscreen Add to My games Save to desktop . If you notice any glitches, click to This way, you'll find colorful stars, learn about Dora's family, and even discover bonus activities! play the original version with. Can you pick up all of them before the time runs out? That sounds like a thrilling hot balloon race! With our selection of Dora games you can accompany Dora the Explorer in her fun adventures. Join Dora, Boots, and their friends for fun and educational adventures! The games from Dora category was voted by 1164 times and have 4.83 stars. 36,287 items were approved and added to the database in April, a new record! If you notice any glitches, click to Girls, boys, kids, and adults alike have something to learn from this beloved character, and countless adventures await you right now if you give them a chance! The dots from . Next, it's time to exercise your aim at the Thirsty Dolphin! You do not have to flip through a boring notebook! Dora and Boots met the lovely aliens from the Purple Planet one night while watching the sky through their telescope. Anything you might need, Backpacks got inside for you! Dora the Explorer Diamond. available on This Flash game is loaded using an emulator. WATCH FREE EPISODE Episodes & Clips Cast About Watch by Season Season 7 22:58 Welcome to Dora's House! You can also test out your precision with Boot's Crane game! Your job is to shoot a hose at all the dolphins among the waves. Dora the Explorer Coloring. Dora has gathered a lot of costumes in her closet, but she isn't sure which one she should wear for her next journey. Avoid Swiper and his remote-controlled Robot Butterflies! It was developed by ImaginEngine and published by Global Star Software. Dora The Explorer is the name of the title character to this multimedia franchise that premiered with a television show on Nickelodeon in 2000, one that ran for NINETEEN years all the way through 2019, so many generations of children have come to know about her, making her a friend of the whole family. Enjoy fun and educational activities in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and garden! Help Dora retrieve the items for her next great adventure, but watch out for Swiper and his Robot Butterflies! A variety of fun so great that everyone can choose for themselves the fun, because with Dora to play nice and helpful. It's time to start the adventure with Dora and Diego and have fun with the two characters using the keys or computer mouse . available on Free shipping for many products! They need your help to solve problems and puzzles, rescue friends, and explore their magical rainforest world! You win a point if you manage to put the puck in the hole on Swiper's side. This festive adventure lets you try ten activities, joined by Dora, Boots, Benny, and other pals. Click on a piece of clothing and drag it towards Dora to dress her up. Play Dora's Wonderful Wardrobe online for free. Dora the Explorer Games Dora's Puppy Adventure Play the Dora's Puppy Adventure game and enjoy a fun adventure with Perrito! Play Now Advertisement Advertisement Say it Two Ways Tico's Acorn Game Where's Swiper Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure Nick Jr.: Festive Coloring Game after game, task after task, click after the click, and you'll find all the knowledge in the world there! Dora the Explorer Bubble. Help Dora and Boots choose a space suit, then keep the ship safe from any space rocks. Click again to find out if your boot contains a golden ticket! The aim is to reach the end of each route that you have. Next, get ready for a Balloon Race! In this trivia game Dora and her friend Boots travel with you around the globe to introduce your kids into. Try all ten mini-games to earn tickets and exchange them for prizes! The show is carried on the Nickelodeon cable television network, including the associated Nick Jr. channel. Just keep clicking on the balloon you've picked to help it rise up! Join the famous heroine for a fun day at a fair filled with fun games. This Flash game is loaded using an emulator. 2023 | Play games on our site. The goal is to pick up all the gold points. The title has been adapted for many languages. What is more, you can interact with objects and decorations in each room. available on Thanks to these fun activities, Dora will help you learn Spanish, explore the world, and have fun! To grab the bones from higher places, click to jump! She will teach you to write, count, draw, and do other things that kids need to know how to do. Will you join Dora in this adventure and give the little dogs a helping paw? The space adventure has just begun! This game is the levels. Join Dora on a thrilling journey in Dora's Space Adventure game! This Flash game is loaded using an emulator. Once you reach the Purple Planet, make sure the adorable aliens find their way home and complete the story! Doras Great Roller Skate Adventure. Join Dora and her friends on a magical adventure in this fairytale special clip! Dora the Explorer: Dot to Dot Dora's Purple Planet Adventure Dora's Magical Garden Dora Dress Up Dora Game: Perrito Puppy Tricks Dora Space Adventure Dora at Dentist Explore Cooking with Dora Dasha the Explorer: Puzzles Jigsaw Dasha the Explorer Using the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to guide him through the maze. Dress Dora up for an urban adventure. 2023 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Dora the Explorer | Dora's Ballet Adventures PC video game full version walk through and guidePlaylist: If not, you can try four more times in one round. Once they stop, click on the one that contains your ticket and find out if you were right. available on The character is popular in similar categories like the following. However, matching is not mandatory! color LCD screen, sound control, multiple levels, music and sound effects. Dora the Explorer gameDora and Friends Rainforest Rescue AdventureThank you very much! Join Dora on a thrilling journey in Dora's Space Adventure game! Be a great astronaut and help the aliens reach home by completing tasks! Dora Skiing Dress Up. Dora is a 7 year old girl who travels with Botas, her 5 year old monkey friend, and carries her backpack that keeps the map to help both of them find their way to the different places in . This way, you can find out more about Dora, her hobbies, and her family! Well some of these are v. Before her, all spaces and roads are open! Your job is to keep your eyes on the correct basket as they shuffle! Let the fluffy adventure begin! Shes determined, positive, helpful, caring, and always ready for an adventure. If you listen to her, you'll have tons of fun! Dora The Explorer: Backpack Adventure is currently available on these platforms: Play Dora and Friends Legend of the Lost Horses online for free. Dora the explorer games online Dora the explorer , refers to a popular search on our website with about 8 related games to display Dora the Explorer is the protagonist of a famous cartoon series and now she has thousands of adventures to carry out, along with her friend Boots, in which she will teach us languages. Live adventures with Dora, Boots and Backpack, the characters in this cartoon series premiered in Nickelodeon. Shes the backpack loaded up with things and knickknacks, too. or. Dora Candy Land. - Bingo: Stamp as many objects as you can on your bingo card! You can learn how to count, some colors, and how to thank someone in Spanish. Lets explore the world around us from the comfort of our homes, whether we are on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, since that is now possible through technology, and through the best Dora Games online that the internet has to offer because youre on our website, and no matter the category you are being interested in, we always offer its best version, just like you will see it is the case right now for these Nickelodeon Games! You will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to gain points with each item that you unlock. Tico is a Spanish-speaking squirrel who helps Dora save the day with his Nutty Car, trains, boats, and planes. Luckily, Dora and you can stop Swiper by saying, Swiper, no swiping! Say it three times before he gets to Dora, and hell snap his fingers and say, Ohhh, maaaannn!. This page contains free online games based on Dora the Explorer, a cartoon series starring an adventurous girl who never stops to learn new things such as reading, writing, and good manners. There are so many options and places to go! Dora the Explorer is an American media franchise centered on an eponymous animated interactive fourth wall children's television series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes and Eric Weiner, produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio and originally ran on Nickelodeon from August 14, 2000 to June 5, 2014, with the final six unaired episodes later airing from July 7 to August 9, 2019. Dora the Explorer Games Practice Spanish, spelling, math, and music with the Dora the Explorer Games! All Rights Reserved. Hope there is more, like another Dora game where you help Dora save the Snow Princess, and it's not like the actual special, it's different, the Snowy Forest is melting, so yeah, and another Dora game which it's Christmasy and you help Swiper get off the naughty list, it's not like the actual special, it's different, so yeah, and another game . You can pick between Spanish and English for the Bingo and Recipes activities. Dora the Explorer Games Where's Backpack Play the Where's Backpack game and become a master of the classic Hide and Seek game! your device. The game consists of 5 mini-games scattered throughout the house. . Save your outfits in her in-game photo album. Once you've put everything you like together and believe Dora is ready for her next adventure, you can snap a picture! It just so happens that Dora and her monkey friend, Boots, have a spaceship lying around! US Join Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map and more on their action-packed, learn-along adventures! 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